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Platinum Engagement Rings Vs White Gold

Monday, December 24th 2012. | Engagement Ring


platinum engagement ringsFor you who want still confused about what type of engagement rings should you propose to your beloved one, I have a recommendation for you: platinum engagement rings. While silver and gold engagement rings have widely use, platinum can make a new sensation for you. Why not? Platinum engagement rings are pure, rare, and eternal too. There is no doubt that these rings are the perfect choice to symbolize your love commitment and devotion.


May be some of you are wondering what makes platinum differs from white gold. Well, since platinum and white gold are two type of metals which most composed engagement rings, you should understand the difference between them well. Actually, platinum and white golds are almost same. However, platinum is heavier and more durable. As the consequence, platinum cost higher than white gold. Platinum has slightly grayish hue compared with white gold. White gold has yellow-white color. It is closer to white.


In addition to more durable and solid than white gold, platinum engagement rings are only made up from platinum metal. Some mentions that they are 90% to 95% are pure. You can compare them to white gold engagement rings where they are only 75% pure. It means that platinum engagement rings are not mixed with other metals, unlike gold engagement rings which often mixed with other metals by many jewelers.


The purity of platinum engagement rings make them possible to be worn by all people including those who have sensitive skin. Moreover, you can make your platinum ring as everyday use without worrying that your physical activities would damage your engagement ring. You don’t need to make special treatments for your platinum engagement rings. If you wear them as daily use, platinum engagement rings just need to be cleaned once in a year. You can bring them to professional jewelers to get them cleaned.


The Settings of Platinum Engagement Rings

There are some designs and settings for platinum engagement rings. They are depending upon the center of the stones, and these settings will give personality to the engagement rings.

platinum engagement rings for women

The first setting is prong or claw. It is a classic setting. It makes possible for the stone visible to be seen from all sides in maximum brilliance. The second setting is cathedral or often called as contour setting. In this setting, the stone is held by raised shoulders which help to protect the diamond. The third setting is bezel. Bezel frames the stone inside. Make it more secure. The last setting is called tension. Tension setting makes stone reflects maximum light.


The Cost of Platinum Engagement Rings

The price for platinum engagement rings are vary. Normally, they start from $500 depending upon the color, cut, clarity, and carat of the engagement rings. In fact, during 2000 to 2007 platinum was very popular metal to opt for engagement rings. Many people choose these metal because the price was reasonable at that time, then they could afford it. But nowadays, platinum is more expensive than gold. Some mentions that platinum is 30 times rare than gold. That’s why its price is catching up over the time.

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